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Inspired by the beauty of travel, contemporary art, architectural artistry, and exquisite interiors immersed in lush neutral hues, seaside shades, and subtle splashes of color, StyleBLISS Jewels is a luxurious artisan collection personally created by jewelry designer Nicole Carter. Every piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted and exudes geometric glamour while accentuating the allure of style. Signature glass accents and high quality materials are carefully combined to create captivating works of wearable art to celebrate and complement the power and personal style of women.

The Designer 

Nicole Carter pursued the business, beauty and authenticity of style and design by simultaneously launching StyleBLISS™ and StyleBLISS Jewels. With an unwavering and innate desire to create uniquely beautiful items, Nicole's keen eye for detail and fascination with progressive style, calming colors, clean lines, and structural accents are clearly evident in her handcrafted designs that evoke bold beauty, sleek sophistication, and ultra-modern style.

In addition to her jewelry brand being featured on the website of one of the most popular entertainers in the world -- Beyoncé, as well as the signature collection debuting at Bloomingdale's followed by multiple showings at West Elm (including being a featured designer during the special International Women's Day event), retail placements and showcases of StyleBLISS Jewels at Four Seasons Hotel and the High Museum of Art also displays Nicole's deliberate and artistic approach to modern craftsmanship by creating jewelry designs that are distinctly her own.

Although Nicole has been a longtime jewelry and accessories enthusiast, the divinely organic manifestation and development of StyleBLISS Jewels is something she absolutely appreciates as a true labor of love. Through her rapidly burgeoning brand and jewelry line that continues to make its way into high-end boutiques, museums, five-star hotels + spas, not only does she hope and want her jewels to stylishly complement one's own style, but to also encourage and inspire others to shine brightly and boldly while following their bliss.

Lotus Skye Collection | Luna Skye Collection

The Lotus Skye Collection and Luna Skye Collection are timeless and ever-changing collections comprised of wearable works of art consisting of bold designs ranging from vibrant, jewel tones to chic, symmetrically shaped, neutral colored necklaces and earrings hand-originated and meticulously created by designer Nicole Carter. These statement-making, signature, and eclectic collections for all seasons exude geometric glamour infused with edgy elegance resulting in timeless style.

Although more than one of the same StyleBLISS Jewels design is available from the Lotus Skye Collection and Luna Skye Collection, a uniqueness exists in each piece with the twisting of the wire, the texture of the fabric, and the natural imperfections in the stones and glass to create one-of-a-kind jewels with true character and beauty.






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